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  • Do you take advantage of every sales opportunity in your company?
  • How do you deal with customers who do not respond immediately?
  • Is insurance offered with every sale?
  • How do you keep your customers informed throughout the sales process?
  • Which extra steps is your sales organisation taking to reclaim missed opportunities?


Thanks to its link with SAM and LEF, MAX provides:


  • A higher conversion rate thanks to reactivation at drop-out in the lead and sales funnel
  • Faster and higher conversion thanks to supporting and accelerating the buyer journey
  • Increased customer satisfaction by communicating information regarding the entire delivery process


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Personalised follow-up and cross-sell emails
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Stay in touch with your customer
USP geel
Your best salesperson who never forgets anything
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Follows up on everything that is no longer top of mind
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Strengthens your customer loyalty
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Increases your customer satisfaction
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Linked to SAM & LEF
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24/7 automated grip on lead and sales processes
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Fast and uniform communication during the lead, sales and after-sales processes

Partners and links

Through full integration with SAM and LEF, MAX will ensure that you take advantage of every opportunity within your company! With MAX, you can unburden, optimise and automate your sales and marketing processes by reactivating the lead and sales funnel; supporting and speeding up the buyer journey; and communicating information about the entire delivery process, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Your commercial data from SAM and LEF is utilised as effectively as possible to send your customers the right messages at the right time, via the right channel. From the lead phase to delivery, MAX provides uniform and personalised follow-up, even if there are losses from the sales funnel. And you will not be surprised to learn that the structural follow-up of all missed leads, test drive appointments and quotations generates additional orders.

And of course, you have MAXimal insight into your performance, from lead to deal, with the help of a management dashboard.



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