Social media campagnes

You can give your sales a huge boost with social media advertising. By engaging in social media, you are visible to your potential customers and can achieve your goals more quickly and easily. Facebook is an enormously powerful channel for generating brand awareness and leads. By addressing the right target groups, conversions can increase significantly. Facebook creates all kinds of target groups. This allows us to appeal to the right target groups, and highlight your company to the people who are actually interested in your products.

Besides setting up advertisements on social media, UnameIT will be happy to collaborate on your social media strategy. This means we are involved from the design of the strategy to its implementation. Thanks to our broad experience in the automotive industry, we know what works and what doesn't. Of course, we monitor the campaigns we set up, adjust where necessary and optimise the campaigns for the desired results.

Our Social Media package consists of:


  • Setting up new Facebook/LinkedIn Pixel with basic events
  • Setting up a catalogue
  • Campaign car stock


  • Promotion of posts already made
  • Optimisation of car stock campaign
  • Geographically localised
  • Monthly report

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