CCM Sales

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Simple and appropriate quotes for demos and used cars
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Appropriate financing and insurance proposal
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Customer contact moments in a clear overview
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Monitoring the success of your sales activities
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Integration with DMS and lead management tool LEF!
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Send quotes from your tablet

Never lose sight of your customer

CCM Sales is a web-based quoting and follow-up tool. So you can easily make a suitable offer for a used car together with your customer wherever you have an Internet connection. Even from your tablet!

CCM Sales ensures that you can make a professional offer for the customer including any accessories and a suitable proposal for the car insurance (e.g. Bovemij, Carmeleon). And, because you can record all your contact moments with the customer in CCM Sales, you will never lose track of them again.

In addition to quotes and orders, price tags can also be created in CCM Sales. You can provide every car in your showroom with a neat price tag on one or more A4 sheets. You can fill in the layout of the price tag as you wish; technical specifications can be added or not; a price tag can be set up with or without an image.

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